Greenlawn Memorial Park

6706 Superior Avenue • Kohler, WI 53044-1032
p: (920) 467-1470 • e:


I climb the hill from end to end
Of all the landscape underneath,
I find no place that does not breath
Some gracious memory of my friend.

In 1956, Greenlawn Memorial Park was founded at 6706 Superior Avenue in Kohler, WI.

Over the years, the community has always appreciated the unique features and serine atmosphere that we offer. Each year, the park has large numbers of individuals enjoying a multitude of special programs: Memorial Day, Christmas Remembrance, and Good Friday Luminariou. Participation in these special programs throughout the years has grown and gained public recognition.

Greenlawn Memorial Park has had the foresight to prepare permanent resting places in the kind of cemetery people prefer, in the particular location they desire, at the prices they can afford to pay. Many features have been constructed to meet the needs of the community and lot owners.

Currently there are approximately 40 acres of developed property with 20 additional acres for future development. We proudly serve all faiths and offer special memorial options in our Veteran Section and Hmong Garden. There is a chapel available for service use or personal reflection. Greenlawn Memorial Park will continue to grow and be a well-respected part of the community.





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